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So….What Exactly Does AdRizer Do?

David Chatzistamatis   
Apr 03
You’re checking in to your favorite news site when you suddenly find yourself engrossed in a fascinating article. It may not be a site that you initially recognize, but you’re practically on the edge of your seat waiting to see how it all concludes. How on earth did you end

A Day In The Life: AdRizer’s Results-Oriented Collaborative Process

David Chatzistamatis   
Jan 18
A clock may only be as effective as the cogs that comprise it, but the same can absolutely be stated about an effective business. While there are so many working parts and various principles that a successful business must possess and employ, collaboration and communication remain of utmost importance. After

Importance Of Real Time Data In Ad-Tech

AdRizer Team   
Jan 10
Data is crucial in nearly every aspect of the ad tech industry — whether it’s tracking performance, spending and revenue, or even fraudulent activity, how you decide to optimize your numbers can make or break a company.   But in this expanding industry where millions of pixels are being bought

Engage Your Audience: Tips To Crafting The Perfect Headline

AdRizer Team   
Dec 18
It’s an age-old question that advertisers and publishers have been asking themselves since the beginning: How do I make my product sell? While there seemingly is an endless amount of factors that can be worked and reworked to create the ultimate advertisement, we’re here to talk about one simple, yet

The Inner Workings of a Tracking Pixel

David Chatzistamatis   
Dec 13
If you’ve seen any iteration of the classic Peter Pan story, you’ll know that everyone’s favorite unaging hooligan is followed around by a little pixie fairy. Pixie, pixel — very similar sounding words. So what? Well, as it turns out Tinkerbell the pixie is similar in concept to a tracking

A Technical (But Not Too Technical) Summary of What We Do

David Chatzistamatis   
Dec 11
If one were to glimpse our wifi password, it would reflect (albeit in a very tongue-in-cheek manner) what we here at AdRizer exactly do. While we obviously cannot divulge the key to our source of power, what we can say is that it’s a very modest and basic reflection of

Timing is Everything: The Art of Raising Blog Engagement

Derkia Thomas   
Dec 05
When it comes to making the most out of your website and blog posts, most tend to concern themselves on deciding what essential material to cover. While content is important, take full advantage of the work you create by honing in on more —  strategic timing. What should you post?

The Importance of A/B Testing Your Content Marketing Strategy

AdRizer Team   
Nov 29
With the explosion of online media, there is an enormous amount of data being shared for the online consumer, making it more challenging for marketers to get their coveted attention. As your target consumer is bombarded with marketing messages from various sources, you need to have a go-to strategy to
Remarketing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday – AdRizer

Ad Tech and Black Friday – Remarketing to Win Sales

AdRizer Team   
Nov 16
In our last Ad Tech + Black Friday blog post, we covered the use of Google Analytics Content Experiments and how they can prove to be extremely useful when it comes to designing a landing page that works for your target audience in a timely manner. Today we’re going to
AdRizer Sarasota Ad-Tech Company – Slack Communication

We’re “Slacking,” Just Not on Our Work…

AdRizer Team   
Nov 07
I think it’s been well-established that AdRizer is not your average Ad-Tech company. From skateboarding around Downtown SRQ with co-workers to getting to have a paid lunch, AdRizer is committed to defying normalcy, so why would it be any different when it comes to our company-wide communication? Sure, any normal
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