AdRizer is a full service-tracking platform for publishers seeking ROI optimization and digital marketing analytics. Founded in 2013, AdRizer started on a kitchen counter as a small business with a dream to make enough money to buy a couple of jet skis. Since then, we’ve built one of the top 100 sites in the USA, partnered with the world’s leading advertising companies, and have developed a propriety analytics and monetization platform for publishers. AdRizer currently employs a team of world-class engineers and data experts and is continuously exploring new areas of innovation and improvement in the world of Ad-Tech.

Passionate business-minded technologists who want to make it easier to get the most out of digital spending budgets lead our team. They have been strategically building and growing our digital marketing platform over the last two years – putting our number one priority on our integration with all of the largest demand sources for ad revenue, allowing us to tie into the largest native networks to purchase traffic within our platform.

We continually saw a decline in organic traffic, which opened our eyes to the potential that publishers and marketers are missing out on in this space. AdRizer scaled two O&O domains into the top 100 Alexa ranking in a matter of months. Although marketers often want something because media attention demands it, our mindset is on actionable insight and data. We have actively taken on the challenge of distinguishing actionable data from white noise. We take pride in giving our clients data that is smart, scalable, and intelligent from key technology trends.

Since our inception, AdRizer has emerged as the fastest growing full service publication solution on the market. We take pride in our profound ability to create the best marketing strategies for our customers and our own publications. We’ve built some of the top publications in the world while using our own proprietary technology.  Solid performance with each and every client is what sets us apart from the rest. We are dedicated to growing not only our own business, but that of our clients as well by continuing to strategically build partnerships with companies such as AOL, Yahoo, A9, OpenX and many others.